Ice Archive - Help

Archive Search allows you to search the Canadian Ice Service for archived ice charts and data, view them individually, or add them to a zip file that you can then download.


The charts are currently only available in gif format. The data for the weekly regional charts are also available in Esri E00 format.

Create a zip file to download.

It is possible to download a zip file containing multiple charts or data files, taken from multiple Search results. Once you have a Search Result, select the items you want added to the zip file, by

Note that a given file can only be added once in the zip file.

To download the zip file;

  1. click on the button "View List of Items to zip";
  2. then click on Create ZIP file;
  3. then click on "Download zip file link".

It is recommended that you limit the number of files included in a zip file to less than 500. If necessary, create multiple zip files, and download them individually.

Once you downloaded the file, clear the list by clicking on the button "Remove All Items to zip".

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